Shopping Trolleys


Shopping trolleys is one the most significant Retail accessories that gives an extra mileage to the any category of retail outlets. Shopping trolleys adds special value to the retail customer and brings comfort to the shoppers at large.

Available in 65 ltrs,80 ltrs & 120 ltrs.




shopping Basket

Cosmetic Rack

This cosmetic display rack is one of the cosmetic display series customized by a Company.

The cosmetic display shelf is made of environmental solid plate and connected by high-strength fittings.Fashionable and simple shape, the lily-like white color, in combination with light box and LED lamp, shows the clean elegant design.And by an exquisite craft it is durable and stable as a practical sales weapon. The cosmetic display shelf is widely used in stores, chain stores and supermarkets for display and promotion. The style, colour, shape, materials can be customized according to customers' requirements.

Dimension :
Cosmetic racks are mostly customized by companies depending upon the product they want to display.
Hence, a uniform dimension is not maintained in case of cosmetics racks and it varies from company to company.


Library Rack

This Rack are sturdy, effective & an economical way to display books and periodicals. This model of Racks provides better access to books, at the same time its design prevents books from wear & tear. Library Racks are available both in MS & wooden structure.

Dimension :

  • Height
    5’ & 6’
  • Length
    3’ & 4’
  • Depth
    300mm, 375mm & 450mm
  • Shelf
    mm 5 Nos with plastic data strip
  • Approx
    380 mm(1’3”)rft per unit.


This is customized Retail Book display rack. The same rack can also be used for displaying CDs/DVDs with minor changes. Your product selection can be easily done and installation or disassembly can be facilitated depending on the displayed product size. It is easy to change the shop's layout. It can create various effects for your shop and maximize the visual effects, which will enhance the mood of your shop. As this are customized rack, hence dimensions are not fixed and can be manipulated based on requirement.