Adjustable Pallet Rack


Product descriptions: Adjustable pallet racking is probably the most widely used type of pallet racking,  and offers free access to every pallet held.

It can be built to match the lift height of any fork-lift truck. Counter-balanced fork-lift trucks may be used but, owing to the wide aisles  required for turning, it is more normal to use reach trucks.  It consists of upright end frames and pairs of horizontal beams on which  the pallets are located, and beam heights are adjustable to suit the height of the pallet loads being stored.

A pallet rack can store the products  with various specs in a pallet or stores parts in a container such  as a steel pallet. Later, using a forklift or loading device on multi stage rod  beams, you can stack them up. Every structure is an assembly type. You can stack them up in multiple levels. So the space utilization rate is very high. Using a pallet, you can  save much more money than constructing a new low storage where the space utilization is low.


Double-Deep Pallet Rack


Double-deep Pallet Rack Storage systems are selective pallet racking solutions installed two racks deep that are operated in medium aisles with  trucks that can reach double pallet depths. A double deep pallet racking storage solution offers businesses a space-efficient alternative to standard pallet racking by reducing the number of access aisles required while increasing storage density. Double- deep Pallet Racking Storage  systems results in Last-In First-Out (LIFO) access, 50% of goods are behind pallets when storage locations are at full capacity. An efficient, up-to-date stock inventory system helps users of double-deep pallet racking to take advantage of their increased storage density.

Double-deep  pallet racking solutions are a popular choice for cold stores, dry stores and the storage of multiple pallets of the same products.